Searching online for a home is the easiest way to see as many properties as possible. Almost half of all Americans (43%) begin searching for a home online, according to a recent National Association of Realtors report. Looking at properties online gives you a comprehensive view of the market without any legwork or expense. With a thorough online search of what's available in your price range and desired area, you can save yourself a lot of time and even heartache later, when you're actually visiting properties.

Online listings can be very detailed and may offer virtual tours of each room, backyards, garages and the exterior, plus tax and other community information. You'll see what's available in your price range while you get to know neighborhoods, which is important because you're choosing an area as much as a property.

Our neighborhood search tools can help you find the right place for you, steering you towards neighborhoods based on your lifestyle preferences. You'll also hear what local residents have to say about where they live.